Blog Post 5

My team was given the opportunity to work with West Virginia Wesleyan College  ,and our project was on how to market to out of state students. What our team came up with is that reaching the right audience at the right time is the hardest part of the process of  recruiting outside of the state of West Virginia. Our team decided that the best way of reaching the right students at the right time; we had to think of the best form of advertising to reach these students. The way we propose of the best way of reaching these students is to put two types of ads on Youtube. We agreed as a team that we can set the perimeters of the different places the ad can be shown. We can set the different type of locations and the different types of videos that potentials college students would most likely see. We would set these videos like videos about college, and roommate stories, and different videos about dorm decorating and dorm life. The final type of advertising you would use is to send posters to high schools out of the state that Wesleyan already has students that went to these high schools. We will send out posters to be shown in the guidance offices in the hope that after students pass these multiple times and seeing the name of our college to try to make sure that students will be able to see the poster multiple times. We will also revise the schools current website.

1, 2, 3….. 148 Ads

My professor told me to count the amount of ads I see in a day. I thought to myself this should be easy; I do not watch TV on a television, I only listen to Pandora One, I spend a lot of my time doing homework, and do not have that much time to watch netflix, or my favorite Youtubers. I made an effort to play some videos to see some more ads. I wake up every day and go on Facebook or twitter while I am running or biking when I have a morning work out. For the twenty to thirty minutes I was on social media I saw over twelve ads. That seems like so much to me. One Article that I read was about customers being burned out on advertisements. Not realizing how many ads I see in a day really showed me really how many times I do not realize I see advertisements. I was burned out on advertisements by noon and I understand the article about  people not wanting to also see articles.

Being burnt out on the advertising is something I never thought of till I looked around my school and on Youtube. I see posters all over my school that advertise different programs that go on around the school. I did not realize what a real Youtube ads in the type of videos I enjoy. A Channel that I found with this research is here, and she explains on different marketing tactics, and how they effect the watcher. She explains on how companies like Morphe Brushes and Cosmetics  market. It is very interesting that they do not have typical advertisements. What Morphe does is have Morphe affiliates which are creators on Youtube that promote the products and offer discounts for there customers. Morphe uses creators as sales people to sell the products and give the creators a cut of the sale. The marketing tactics are super sneaky and using the creators can create an ad in almost every video. Some creators us the ten percent off at Morphe are even included in merchandise of creators as shown below are making money off of an ad, and the products are just more walking advertisements of the consumers showing off to other consumers. Over all this is a pretty good marketing tactic.

Image result for james charles merch use code james for 10 percent off

This is from James Charles website where he markets these products that he makes all of the profit from, and if you use this same code on a place like Morphe and you can get ten percent off, and James Charles the influencer who would sell the consumer the product and he will still get the cut of the sale. No matter what James Charles gets the money.  This is the same concept that Jaclyn Hill used when she was promoting her own pallet. Jaclyn Hill created a pallet with Morphe cosmetics, and she gets a cut for creating the pallet and if you use her code she will get more of the money. This is an issue some of the beauty community has with influencers using there platform just to benefit themselves. The Jaclyn Hill pallet is pictured down below.

Seeing subliminal advertisements that do not ring a bell in my head until I start researching and noticing the ads is very alarming. I do not see a problem with people having sponsorship because they make there money like that which is cool, but pushing the products that are not good and scamming viewers is wrong. This article shows that consumers want to be showed ads, but hate click-bait. Click-bait was pretty much the only ads I was shown. RONWE is a website ad I saw over twenty times in one day! I would never buy from a website since  RONWE uses sweatshops and very cheap clothing. This is a scam since they send famous people on the internet good quality clothing and then send the rest of your customers bad quality clothing. This is unethically, and this was the only unethical type of advertisement I saw the whole day.

Blog Post #3: Protest or No Interest?

First off this article is not about my opinions on the NFL or the protest. If you want to check out my opinion on the NFL and protesting then check out my twitter and read some of my most recent retweets and gather your own opinion here.

The first thing that happened with the protest in the NFL was with Colin Kaepernick at first sitting, and then after speaking to a veteran fan who told him that in his opinion kneeling would be the best form of protest (here is a link to a time line of Colin Kaepernick protest timeline). Colin Kaepernick is protesting the inequality of African Americans in the United States. Forbes  shows that now other players in the NFL are protesting that Kaepernick is still not signed with another team is unfair treatment of the NFL. That is what sparked controversy in the NFL with fans, other players, and even Donald Trump. This controversy has had many of the networks seen a decline in ratings. The networks that show the NFL are networks of the like of ESPN, Fox, CBS, and ABC. Below is a chart of the 2017-2018 NFL season of the first three weeks received from the NFL Ratings on Sports Media Watch .

Late DH CIN-GB (80%) CBS 12.2 -3% 21.272M -3% 6.6
SNF OAK-WSH NBC 10.1 -14% 17.478M
-15% 6.3
Single NYG-PHI (41%) FOX 9.2 -17% 15.431M -19% 4.9
Early DH Various CBS 8.4 +5% 14.414M +10% 4.6
MNF DAL-AZ ESPN 8.2 +67% 13.691M
+70% 5.1
TNF* LAR-SF NFLN 4.4 +38% 7.448M +47% 2.8
* TNF compared to NFLN’s second exclusive game last year (Week 8)
Late DH DAL-DEN (81%) FOX 14.3 +17% 25.969M +22% 8.5
SNF GB-ATL NBC 11.3 -11% 20.237M -11% 7.1
Single Various CBS 8.4 -24% 14.515M -24% 4.7
Early DH PHI-KC (52%) FOX 7.9 -7% 13.515M -6% 4.4
MNF DET-NYG ESPN 7.4 +1% 12.287M
+1% 4.3
TNF* HOU-CIN NFLN 4.9 +2% 8.080M +2% 3.1
* TNF compared to NFLN’s first exclusive game last year (Week 4)
SNF NYG-DAL NBC 13.4 +2% 24.366M +6% 9.1
Late DH SEA-GB (89%) FOX 12.7 -18% 22.796M -17% 7.6
Kickoff KC-NE NBC 12.6 -14% 21.791M
-13% 7.7
Single Various CBS 7.6 -18% 13.337M -17% 4.4
MNF NO-MIN ESPN 6.8 -12% 11.392M -12% 4.2
Early DH PHI-WSH (51%) FOX 6.6 -28% 11.342M -28% 3.7
MNF LAC-DEN ESPN 6.0 -3% 9.938M -3% 3.9

Looking at the percentage the comparison is from the 2015-2016 season. The ratings have decreased in most of the games on Sunday’s. Multiple theories are why there are less ratings than past years. The fist one to note is that the electron was taken place in 2016, and had some over lap of games with presidential debates. Recode shares that compared to the 2015 fall and winter games had more views then either 2016 or 2017. This is one thing to note of political uneasiness would make viewers more apt to not watch football if they are more concerned with other world problems. That even is true with Hurricane Irma striking the United  States mainland and effecting lots of people who would typically be watching the NFL.

USA Today’s Article also brings up the statistics that the people who own cable is steadily decreasing. With a 84 percent of all housing in 2014 having cable then now with around 79 percent of houses with cable. If less people are having cable then the households are not watching NFL games on cable. This does not count the people recording the games on DVR then watching later or the people who watch the games on live stream online.

With ratings going down that effects the advertising that goes on during the game. Since not as many people are watching cable that means the television stations can not charge as much for an advertisements. Even if the company still charges that much then the CPP of the ads will not bring as much benefit for the product seeking the advertisements. This will make a company not as willing to put in an ad since the impressions would be lower for the same amount of money as the ad would of cost while the views were up. The reach of the advertisements will also be down since less people are watching the game. Regardless of the reason not as many people are sitting down to watch NFL games it surely is causing less ads to be seen and shown on television. Which for us marketers provides more challenges to overcome.

Blog Post Number 2

On Monday, September 11, 2017, Mike Arbogast the COO and creative director at Inneraction Media came in to speak to our class about a marketing firm. He talked to our class about the different roles in marketing. The different roles he told us about were marketing manager, production, and digital media. Arbogast was telling my class about the different roles and how each roll plays into a team to get the job done. My class’s final project is to create a marketing and advertising plan for a local business. We are in small groups so each of the positions mentioned will be positions in the small groups.

When Mr. Arbogast first walked in gave all of us a piece of laminated paper and said not to show anyone. We then had to get into a line with only describing to the other members of the group what was on our sheet of paper. Both of the groups got it correctly. When the “game” was happening I had no clue on why we were doing this. The guy standing next to me was telling me if we were doing this in real life we would be able to work with all the pictures seen at once. After the game was done Mr. Arbogast explained to us that the exercise was done to get us to think more creatively. This exercise is to make me think on how to describe an idea to someone who does not know much to any thing about the given picture seen by only one party.

The thing I took away the most from this lecture were two things. The first thing I took away from the talk was that Inner Action Media did marketing for an engineering company and a hospital. I really want to go into the marketing of physics and engineering and seeing that a company has clients with my interests make me think that it is possible for me to work for a smaller firm or just for any form of marketing firm. The second thing I thought was very interesting was that the different parts into going into one project. The project that my group is doing for the end of the semester project is a small group project that will need to have each member with a specific roll and job. I think that having this will make sure that each member of the group will be enjoying the position that is assigned to them to make the group run smoothly and to get a good grade. My group with four other of my classmates we will all of a different job to make the project a learning experience for ourselves, but also to the business we are doing the plan too.

Blog Post Number 1.

The Consumer Purchase Journey is the process that is a consumer goes through when buying a product. The Mckinsey purchase theory is different from the previous consumer purchasing theories. AIDA is what was originally taught which stands for awareness, interest, desire, and action. Mckinsey is a cycle of how consumers pick a product. The most interesting part of Mckinsey cycle is how the loyalty loop was factored in. The loyalty loop is what makes marketing super easy for markers. The trigger of an event is anything that would make a person be looking to by a product. The trigger event is whenever a person needs a new product. Below is a visual of Mckinsey’s cycle of how a consumer purchases a product on website page.

Image result for mckinsey study marketing

The hardest part of how to market a product to consumers is the actual consumers.  Consumer’s needs are constantly changing this is from word of mouth, and how your brand is perceived in the eyes of the customers. Consumers can change their mind on a product all the way till they ring that product out at a register. The things that can change a consumer’s mind can be something like well this other product is cheaper or that the box the product comes in is prettier.

            To take an example of how to different brands or stores market differently is to take a look at the popular make up stores Sephora and Ulta. Both of the stores market very differently. Sephora  is seen as more of a high end store with only high end brands that range from Too FacedNatasha Denona, and Marc Jacobs. Sephora is a store that is almost only black and white with different shelves with the brands of makeup on each. Marketing goes into what a person is looking for in the make up. Every brand has almost the same products. It is the marketers’ job to make a consumer gravitate to your brand. The prettier packaging, best claims, and also internet reviews on Youtube contribute to the consumers views on a product. Sephora only offers to big sales every year. Ulta on the other side of the make up world differs from Sephora by selling not only as high end make up brands like Too Faced and  Smashbox, but also drugstore brands like Wet N Wild, and Maybeline. At Ulta sales are common, and also online sales give free samples or free shipping. At Ulta you can go into a more well lit store than Sephora and go look at different ranges of beauty products. The products can be shopped from range in price, and then the consumer can decide what the product to use is the right product. At both of these stores marketing is everything. Marketing and advertising is what people are drawn to in these type of stores. Advertising is what brings in revenue for the companies. The make up industry relies onto the loyal customers. The loyal customers will continue to by the products, since the products only last a short amount of time. Loyalty to a brand is not only cheaper, but a definite way to keep the word of mouth of the customers, the best way to make revenue is to keep the customers.